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Cool Farm Tool (2012-2020) (proprietary)

A GHG, water and biodiversity impact calculator for agricultural production, developed for the Cool Farm Alliance using Django.

Manchester Bin-fo (Dec 2014)

A little webapp to save a few seconds checking bin collection times in Manchester.

Written over a couple of days using NodeJS / Express.

AGPL, source code available on GitHub.

Ecological Footprint Calculator (Apr 2014) (proprietary)

Mobile-friendly, modern reimplementation of Best Foot Forward's popular education / engagement tool, developed over a few days as an AngularJS single-page application.

MikroAct (2012) (offline)

"Microacts are based on belief in the power of small, everyday actions to transform urban realities" — a project in collaboration with the New School School of Media Studies and Partizaning to connect neighbours around "shared issues of concern".

We designed and implemented a prototype application using Django; the team has since independently developed a new version.

Journal for Occupied Studies (2012)

To quote the credo, "[JOS] is an independent, New York-based journal for radical analysis and testimony on the global Occupy movement".

Static site generated from Markdown and Jinja2 using hyde.

AGPL (code) / CC BY NC SA (content), source code available on GitHub.

Saraswati (2010)

(offline, proprietary)

Automated stand-alone hardware system to rip audio CDs to an inserted MP3 player — developed for a secure mental health facility in the UK while working for Computer Assistance.

Implemented on Debian GNU/Linux using a custom Python daemon to call abcde and write status information to an LCD screen.

Informaction (2009-11) (offline)

Ambitious project to document & facilitate grassroots climate change actions in the UK using Python/Django and OpenLayers.

Guitarshik (2007)


Performance-inspired clone of Frets on Fire (a Guitar-Hero-inspired game for PC).

Written in C++ using ClanLib for graphics and sound and libjdkmidi for MIDI parsing.

FREE Magazine / FRINK Magazine (2006-7) (offline)

London-based online indie music magazine, featuring original reviews, interviews and articles edited by Victoria McNaught-Davis.

Constant (self-imposed) technical pivots: static HTML newsletter, static site, custom PHP CMS, e107 and finally Joomla!.