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Installing from Git with Pip

02 April 2011

Pip is pretty cool, but the "documentation" leaves a lot to be desired. Consider the mind-bendingly useful:

pip knows a bunch of stuff about revisions and stuff, so if you need to do things like install a very specific revision from a repository pip can do that too.

with no information anywhere on the page about what those various "bunch[es]" of "stuff" are. The output of pip help install is only marginally better, revealing the option:


Happily (for me, and other users of sorl-thumbnail1), "REV" apparently also means "branch" when installing from git. So, to save your slightly vintage applications still using ThumbnailField, install the "legacy" branch of sorl:

pip install -e git+

Now, back to hacking on InformAction I go...

  1. For the concept of "a stable API" doesn't apply in the Wild West that is web app development...